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What to Expect at Closing

What to Expect at Closing


What to Expect at Closing


If you are a first-time home buyer, you may be both excited & nervous as your closing date is approaching. You’ve probably heard of horror stories of closing’s gone wrong where everything from a printer breaking to someone not showing up on time derails what should be a smooth process. By working with a good realtor, lender, and real estate attorney, you can minimize the risk of anything going wrong throughout the closing process.


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How Long Will It Take?

Most closing meetings won’t take longer than 2 hours once they begin. If someone is late, however, this can significantly derail the proceedings and cause everything to feel a level of frustration that isn’t needed. We would always recommend taking at least a half-day off of work to complete your closing, trying to schedule it over your lunch break won’t give enough time that you need. Between driving to and from the location, signing the documents, and everything else, schedule out half of your day to be tied up with closing and be pleasantly surprised when you’re out earlier than expected. Take that extra time and go visit your new home!


Final Walk-Through

You will be permitted to do a final walk through around 24 hours prior to closing, with some variations depending on the real estate company you are working with. Try to get the walk-through scheduled as close as possible to your closing as you will want to make sure all agreed upon work is completed and nothing major has changed or damaged the home. One week or even a few days is too much time in advance to schedule your walk-through. Although rare, we have seen cases where people have a walk-through a few days before their closing date, and in the time between, their basement floods and the sellers don’t notice because they are already moved out. Minimize your risks by having a final walk-through as close to your closing time as possible.


What to Bring with You?

When sitting at the closing table as a buyer, you should plan on bringing with you a valid photo ID (driver’s license), certified check for the closing costs (provided to you at least a day before by your loan company), and any additional paperwork that your loan company will notify you of prior to closing. Common additional documents needed are condo approval letters or any outstanding payments you still owe to the lending company. Other than this, just make sure to bring yourself and anyone else that will also have their name on the deed, often a spouse. All parties will need to be present and on time to make sure everything goes smoothly.


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