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What Does it Mean When My Property Has a Lien Against it?

Property Liens - Overview

Legal Claims: What's a Property Lien?

Although rare, the previous owner may have not paid a contractor for work performed on the property, causing the contractor to put what is called a lien against the property. In other cases, money may be owed to a creditor by missing mortgage payments or not paying them in full each month. Whatever the situation, the creditor will often put a “lien” against the property, making it almost impossible to sell until the debt is paid in full.


How do I find out if I am entitled to a property lien?

A “lien” is simply defined as “the public claim that a creditor is owed money, causing the title of a home, car, boat, or other equipment to become unclear” (source, NOLO). To sell or refinance credit, your property or equipment must have a clear title; this helps lenders know they will get paid. 


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What is Title Insurance & Why Do I Need it?

What Does it Mean if My Property Has a Lien Against it?

The 2 Types of Title Insurance: Lender vs. Owner

What Exactly Does Title Insurance Cover?

How Much Does Title Insurance Cost?

How is Title Insurance Different From Other Types of Insurance?

Title Insurance FAQ's

What to Expect at Closing


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